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Commercial and Residential Bird Removal Solutions

Untamed Aves can be a nuisance to the people that dwell in residential or commercial places. However, some birds are friendly, and they do not cause havoc. Bird species that we should do away with are those that depend our food and sometimes feed on our pets. Also, those that cause distractions, diseases and noise pollution should as well be removed from the inhabited areas. Imagine you are in a board meeting and a bird sneaks in through the window to distract your meeting. It can be a great disappointment. Some Aves leave their droppings making the entire property have a fouling smell that can cause breathing problems. It can be close to impossible when you want to deal with these birds individually. That is why there is a presence of professional companies that are well-equipped to deal with the issue. These companies have different approaches to bird removal. Animals are protected by the law, and one must be cautious when finding a solution. This is the main reason why top companies use the following commercial and residential bird removal solutions.


Bird vent covers

A huge percent of people complain about the presence of birds in their bathroom or on the dryer vent. These vents either smell dead birds or scares their kids when they fly in and out of their nests. They can be entirely removed from their nest by removing the nest and sanitizing the nesting region. They cap or screen the bathroom appropriately to do away with these birds.


Bird Netting

You can keep birds away by netting them in rafters if your property is open. This helps to keep these birds out of reach to the property. Every part should be sealed properly to keep the birds completely out of the pro[erty.


Use of Bird Spikes

The use of bird spikes helps to discourage nesting. The spikes are also used to discourage birds from landing on the property because they get hurt or uncomfortable. When these birds get hurt in two or more instances, they will start avoiding this structures. This will discourage nesting completely.


Bird trapping

Bird trapping is a very popular way of dealing with birds that have nested on commercial and residential structures. Other organizations, however, discourage it because they care for animals. Others recommend that after trapping them, they should not be killed instead they should be surrendered to the authorities. Again, the use of this method can be quite difficult since birds can avoid traps.


Shock tracks

The use of shock tracks is very effective in removing birds from structures. It is, however, often regarded as a cruel way of dealing with these animals. Shock tracks produce mild electric shocks which make the bird uncomfortable once it lands. The tracks can be glued or nailed to make it more effective.


Use of bird repellents

The optical gel is the most applied bird repellant by most companies. This repellent makes the bird uncomfortable thus it cannot build a nest near the chemical. If you apply the entire area, the will not nest, and your property will be free from birds. The optical gel is applied on the top of the roof because this is the first place where birds land. However, it should be applied carefully to avoid water contamination.

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Democrat women weary of Obama

Election commentary
NY Mag: No silver lining in midterms for abortion advocates
Cosmo: Feminists lost because there were more Ned Flanders voters than Beyoncé voters
Fewer women voted, and the ones who did majorily voted Republican
Wendy Davis utterly, completely, ignominiously, and humiliatingly LOST
Its over: DSCC pulls ads for pro-abortion Mary Landrieu in Senate run-off
Bishop wont attend inauguration of Catholic pro-abortion guv will conduct Mass instead
Udalls obsession with lady parts made women voters consider him a pervert
Bloomberg nominates NARALs condom shortage ad for The Backfire Award
End of War on Women

6 Republicans show why the war on women was joke from the start
Hog castrator, black Mormon deliver knockout punch to war on women
RealClearPolitics: This war on women thing seems to have run its course
The 8 biggest losers of the war on women
Limbaugh: Dems need war on women meme because nobody wants their policies
Federalist: War on women failure bad omen for Democrats
Forbes: War on women jumped the shark
Democrats overjudged the permanent effectiveness of their blueprint
Politics of contraception turned out to be easy to finesse by GOP politicians with an ounce of savvy and no Akinesque tics
Ballot initiatives
TN: Opponents out-gunned by pro-life grassroots efforts including politicking from pulpits
Pro-life campaigns, win or lose, save lives and change hearts
TN: Left blames low turnout for passage of Amendment 1 continues to mislead and stoke fear
Those praying people get the credit for victory in TN
Planned Parenthood
CA: Battle erupts over school districts 35-yr partnership with PP for sex ed accused of using student access to get clients
NV: District scraps secretly hatched comprehensive sex ed plans when parents revolt accused of aligning with PP
NYC: PP outreach to include partnership with trans women
CA pregnancy center moving directly across the hall from Planned Parenthood
BSs0S9ICIAEaCOp BREAKING: 40 Days for Life moves headquarters into former Planned Parenthood
WI: Audits of abortion clinics for overbilling probably something less than another war on women
Complaints filed against VA abortionist who doesnt wash his hands gross!
CA abortionist surrenders medical license
If youre counting, this is the 6th OH abortion clinic to close in 2014 another PP may soon follow
“Filthy” abortion clinic “treats patients like cattle” according to patient reviews
Election results
73% of National Right to Life candidates won in direct matches against EMILYs List candidates
Pro-lifers made the difference in KS one heck of a ground game
Right to Life endorsed candidates in MI win 86% of races Planned Parenthoods 46%
Wave hello: 9 pro-life candidates across America who won Tuesday
New Senate: 44 pro-life, 43 pro-abortion, others mixed, 3 races to be called
VIDEO: New 18-yr-old WV lawmaker poised and proudly pro-life on Fox
Maps: Evolution of state legislative control in Obama era

VIDEO, Vox Sr. Editor: Personhood initiatives may have lost, but pro-life movement still winning war
GOP leaders go silent on pro-life legislation
Feminism: Wacky spectacle of cloistered, first world women dredging for a new oppression to call their own
NYU exhibits haunted files of eugenics in progressive movement
DC-based pro-life groups challenge local bill requiring them to cover abortion
VIDEO gone viral: Featured on The Today Show today dog gives baby sweet reward for first crawl
Filibuster amnesia: Focus on Senate Democrat obstruction, not Obama
141104davinciembryo Abortion science hides Da Vincis brilliance
UC-Santa-Barbara-Mireille-Miller-Young BREAKING: Pro-life teen files civil suit seeking damages from university and professor who attacked her
Lame Duck Congress urged to pass sweeping pro-abortion laws
Obama surrogacy policy welcomes reproductive tourism
The Democrat Partys civil war is here political machine vs progressives
Mom wakes from 2-week coma to give birth to baby girl
Dr. converted to pro-life after caring for abortion survivor
Students sponsor 5k Reindeer Run to raise funs for DC March for Life trip

Quote of the Day
Truth is, I got a girl pregnant when I was in high school, and she ended up aborting the baby. And if that child was still alive, it’d be a teenager by now. And that’s a reality I have to live with. ~ Christian rapper Stephen the Levite, as quoted at

Chilean study contradicts popular notion that restricting abortion hurts women
Chinese woman denied U.S. asylum for role enforcing Chinas one-child policy
Chile: Priest, nuns accused of baby-stealing told teen moms their babies had died
Hundreds protest in Argentina as legalizing abortion debate begins
Drinking while pregnant: Court case in England has abortion advocates worried
Jimmy Fallon thinks Mia Love cant be both black and Republican
Feminists turn on Lena Dunham
call on Planned Parenthood to #DropDunham
Actor Lucas Neff slurs anti-choice scumbag newly elected Republican women
Martha Plimptons upset about TNs Amendment 1
Right to die laws could pressure disabled to do the right thing
Death with dignity? Man may break CO law and suffocate himself to death
Studies used to promote free contraceptives as preventive care have serious flaws
Boy with stage 4 cancer lived for years trusted God and inspired many
Media bias
Sports Illustrated/ESPN humorist mocks abortion protesters
U.S. News World Report columnist: Silver lining on Tuesday is a few new kick-a** pro-choice state legislators
MSNBC talking head: Wendy Davis took being pro-choice to next level
ABC analyst clings to war on women meme
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