Qualities of a good teacher

Without any doubt, we can all agree that education is one of the most important things that people need access to. Through it, careers are made, advances in technology realized and lives changed. With its distinct advantages, the heavy lifting is often left to teachers. To produce competent graduates, the teachers have to be competent themselves, and above all, poses the qualities that make them reliable when it comes to passing knowledge to students.

Here are the qualities of a good teacher. If you aspire to become an educator, then here are some of the top qualities you should nurture within yourself.

Qualities of a good educator



Teachers meet students from all walks of life, and with different learning speeds. The aim of teaching is to produce students that are well informed and can apply their knowledge to make practical solutions. To make this happen, the teacher will have to be patient will every student, providing sufficient time for everyone to catch up.


To produce exceptional students, teachers have to think out of the box on how to deliver the message and help everyone in a class understand what is being explained. This is to say that teachers have to be creative with how they present their material. For instance, creating an animation explaining a scientific concept will be easier to understand compared to dictating a book to the students.


Teachers have to be understanding with their working environment to make the most out of it. When a teacher graduates, there is no guarantee that they will land a job in a school with the best resources. If a school is underfunded, teachers have to be tolerant and make do with what they have. This is a good strategy that relies on tolerance to educate students.


No matter what teachers have to be friendly. From a student’s perspective, a friendly teacher is much easier to approach, hence making it possible for the student to ask extra questions, and get all the necessary information.


kdjsfbvkjdskvbsdkjfvbdskjfvkbjsdfkjvbksdjvsdfvdsfSometimes, students have hard times from home, or other environments, that in the long run interfere with their learning ability. A teacher has to be understanding, providing all the needed moral support, and where necessary offer practical solutions. Being a teacher is not easy, especially because teachers are the second parents of their students.

Teaching is an essential responsibility that needs respect and dedication from those that take part in implementing it.