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About this site
Stanek Report is your source for breaking news on all aspects of the pro-life movement.

Launched on October 27, 2014, Stanek Report has been created by pro-lifers for pro-lifers. In the battle for life, we need to be on top of our game. And to be on top of our game, we need to know the information we need to know, as it happens. In our striving for the protection of all human lives, time is of the essence. Stanek Report will save us time by bringing all this information together in one place, updated around the clock. Headlines are broken down into sections so that you can immediately get the scoop on the issues you are currently focusing on.

Stanek Report was designed with one thing in mind: to empower pro-lifers to be even more effective. Because as pro-lifers, we need to get up to speed with the latest pro-life news, and then get out in front of our local abortion clinic, or down to our legislator’s office, and get to work, saving lives.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this just another pro-life news site?
There are many great pro-life news sites out there – LifeSiteNews, LifeNews, Live Action News – just to name a few. Then there are blogs, such as mine, JillStanek.com. Do we really need another pro-life site? Here’s the thing. Stanek Report is completely different. Stanek Report doesn’t write unique articles. Stanek Report simply links to the best articles out there. It’s like a Drudge Report for the pro-life movement – your one stop to get links to the latest pro-life news of the day, hour, and minute. Awesome, right?
Why do you link to articles on pro-abortion websites?
We don’t make a habit of it. But from time to time there are articles published by the other side that are important for us to read. It is crucial that we understand the thought process – and activities of those on the other side of this social justice debate.
More FAQs coming… as you ask them!