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Identifying the Numbers Can Help Flatten the Curve

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) threatens the welfare of approaches around the world, markets, and people. In discussions between approaches, professionals support the flattening of the curve. It is assumed that the spread of this virus will be included through appropriate measures, and information and expert opinions support this belief.

The new Think Big Analytics data shows number of developing cases of a particular disease is to reduce the burden of current systems, many of them in specific health care. In the case of COVID-19, the curve could be hammered by closures, deletions, distance within a single level of events, and collection distances.

Trace the Simulations of Virus Spread

In a recent article, Harry Stevens of the Washington Post offers some random simulations showing the epidemic results. These data show that the spread of the virus can be influenced by practices such as social and quarantine measures. This article presents only four simulations, the results of which are different for each independent viewer of this article, which indicates the next answers for this particular outbreak: guided quarantine, means of social distancing, and intensive social cooperation to experience the full effect.

The advantage of these simulations is not to provide a solution. Priority should be given to identify the spread of COVID-19. The flattening of the curve should be emphasized, as well as the best methods. While the author of the article admits that the simulations oversimplify the spread of this virus, they are significant in demonstrating the risk of infection and provide a range of information to support the idea.

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Assuming that one infected person infects multiple people (if no precautions or isolation measures are taken), each generation develops exponentially, resulting in a rapid spread that cannot be controlled by current health care systems the world. On 16 March, mathematicians decided that the number of IDOC-19 cases worldwide doubles every six days.

The number will gradually decrease as more people are found, resulting in fewer cases. Until then, the probability of the virus spreading and exceeding the potential of health care systems was high. Based on the information accumulated about the report, mathematicians and researchers argue that it is necessary to move away, which should be practiced by humans to contain the spread of this disease, thus improving the curve and reducing stress.

Avoid Making Choices without Information

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The number of people infected and the spread of the virus are the information that supports the conclusions, and it is not clear that they are backed by sufficient data worldwide. This means that there is considerable doubt about the measures that the virus is taking. In addition to those to contain its spread, to determine when the infection curve reaches its peak and what approaches will help improve the curve and obtain data to establish a strategy.

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Things to look for when looking for a news source

These days, it is evident that all the information that we need is already at our fingertips. Of course, that includes the hottest headlines all over the world. Apparently, a person who looks forward to staying on top of the global happenings must look for a reliable source of news. With that said, below are some of the factors to put into consideration when in search of a provider of news.



To start with, a person who is looking for a source of news should pay attention to the content of the provider. Apparently, the source of news is expected to produce well-written materials. With this, always pay attention to the writing skills of the news provider. Of course, grammar lapses could not be avoided. As a matter of fact, even the most reputable news agencies commit grammar mistakes every once in a while. However, if you observe too many grammatical errors in their content, then it is best to look for another source of news. Apart from the grammar, check for the spellings too. In addition, always ascertain that the content of your source is transparent.


Next up, always make sure that the news provider takes pride in publishing with credibility. As what was mentioned above, the source of the news must be transparent. Thus, if you sense any partiality on their content, better avoid them because the chances are high that they are biased.  Of course, you must never entertain providers that produce plagiarized content. With this, you must also ensure that your news provider of choice is providing original content. On a side note, experts recommend not to click the links found on some social media platforms. This is because these links are most likely unverified. Hence, the authenticity of the links is in question.


ASDASDSDIt is given that each person has his/ her areas of interest. Of course, news providers have their own fields of expertise too. For instance, some providers specialize in the finance sector. With that said, it is recommended to look for a provider that specializes in your fields of interest. If possible, opt for news platforms that are more than willing to provide the most valuable news in various sectors.


As a reader, you are expecting to know the hottest global headlines. Of course, opting for a provider that is not capable of providing timely news is not a good idea. Hence, always ascertain that the news platform of choice is reliable in terms of supplying credible news in a timely manner. In addition, the source of news must also make an effort to come up with articles that are easy to understand.