Best Offers on eBay

Helpful Tips to Get the Best Offers and Discounts on Ebay

Ebay is an excellent place to find almost anything you want. It can also be a great place to save money if you know how to find offers and discounts. However, it’s easy to overspend or miss out on the best deal. The tips and strategies presented here will work for some things and not for other types of auctions or sales. It is critical that you understand what you are using and when. These tips apply to all types of eBay listings, and if you use these buying strategies, you will spend less on eBay.

Best Offers on eBay

Don’t Make the First Bid

If you want to buy an item listed in an auction, you should never make the first bid, especially if the auction still has many days left. It is a rookie mistake to make the first bid. Sellers entice potential customers by offering the auction item for a meager price, like a penny or a dollar, even though the item is worth more. They know that because of this, the merchandise will never sell. Rather, you should wait until almost the last moment and make the highest bid you are willing to pay for the goods. If the other bidders have increased the cost beyond what you are willing to pay, you should give up. Most items are not unique and you will find another one just like it.

Bid as Much as You Prepare to Pay

Best Offers on eBay

It’s also easy to think you’re so close to getting it that a few extra dollars won’t hurt. One of those fallacies that lead buyers to bid more than they want or more than the item is worth is the thought “I’ve been bidding for 10 days” and since I’m so close I can bid again, or even the fallacy that you can’t let another bidder have it, so if you have to bid better. This only increases the purchase price, and in the worst-case scenario, you end up overpaying for something you may not need. Suppose you decide to bid in an auction. In that case, you need to evaluate what the item is worth and what it is worth to you, and then choose a maximum amount you are willing to pay and don’t go over that amount, even if you get into a bidding war with the other potential buyer.

Wait for the Discounts and Offers

This is a tip I came across by accident, but it seems to work in a significant percentage of cases. If you’re not in a particular hurry to get a particular item, put it on a “waiting list” and wait to see what happens. eBay has a system that notifies sellers when their listing has been added to a “watch list” and allows the seller to contact the person who added the item and offer a discount. The discount offer is limited in time, so you will have to decide if it is worth buying the item at that time. This technique involves putting off the purchase but can often result in a big discount.

Combine Shipping

eBay sellers, especially foreign ones, often have multiple copies of the same product for sale. They give discounts if you buy two or more of the same thing. You don’t save any money by buying more if you don’t want to. Or you think you will reasonably need it later, and it will help you save money for.


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