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Ways to improve living standards in a country

It is straightforward to differentiate the living standards of various countries by looking at how secure and happy their lives are. For most countries in the world, people don’t have it easy. Unlike the countries in North America or Europe, where basic needs like water and proper housing are easy to access, people in other nations have to walk for miles to access water and live in slums where the surrounding is a health factor.

To raise the living standards of a given place, it is paramount that a lot of changes take place. In today’s piece, we take a look at some of the fundamental changes that need to take place.

How to improve living standards in a given nation



Education is the first step to ensuring that a country’s standard of living is improved. Most people┬álive miserable and hard lives just because they lack the knowledge to be innovative and look for better ways to solve their problems.

When a child is taken to school, they grow up having a background that has prepared them to come up with viable solutions and help handle situations that require critical thinking.

Skill transfer

Even with education, it is pointless to start creating solutions from scratch; it is like re-inventing the wheel. A country can collaborate with advanced nations to get skill transfer. This will enable the given country to jump the hoops of complex development, and catch up with the developed nation.

With the right skills, given countries will have the required expertise to improve everyone’s living standards.


One of the biggest problems that underdeveloped countries have to deal with is the lack of standardization and government involvement in the creation of infrastructure. For instance, the creation of a standard for a home building will lay the foundation on which modern homes can be created.

Also, if the standards cover building materials, then it could revolutionize the materials used for making basic houses, including slams.

Investment in infrastructure

Most countries with low living standards usually depend on their government for employment, hence the need for such governments to invest in infrastructure to employ people. Investment in infrastructures such as ports and railways will go a long way in providing thousands of jobs.

Equal resource allocation

For a country to develop equally and improve everyone’s living standards, resources have to be distributed evenly. It is not sound to invest in one region and leave the others underdeveloped. Improvement takes time and should be gradual.