Wind mill generating electricity

Best resources for clean energy

Global warming is a major concern all over the world, and it is up to all of us to come up and adopt clean energy sources. While the effects of executive carbon in the atmosphere are very well known, it is sad that most people do very little to solve the crisis, in particular with the USA pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. While governments might have their agendas, some that might not favor climate, it is important to identify all the important avenues that are available to all of us.

In the spirit of preventing climate change and making our world better, here are some of the clean energy sources that every country should be looking forward to.

Clean energy sources



Perhaps the best known by most people is the use of solar energy to generate electricity, and heat water. Electricity drives most of our systems, both for work and leisure, hence the need to have sufficient supply for it. With a solar system, most homes can have a reliable source of electricity, and in return reduce or eradicate the use of fossil fuel to produce electricity.

Solar can also be used to boil water, typically, using electricity to boil water is very expensive.


The Wind is also a very lucrative source of clean energy, given that it is straightforward to tap into the power supply. All it takes is the installation of wind turbines. These turbines are rotated by the wind, and in return produce electricity that can be wired to homes.


Most people do not understand that nuclear is a source of clean energy, a product of ignorance on the technology. While failures of nuclear plants have adverse effects on the environment, it is safe to say that modern designs have preventive measures to make the technology safe. For forward thinking countries, this is a viable energy source.


One of the oldest and most efficient ways to produce electricity is to harness the power of water. By creating dams and harnessing the power of waterfalls, a lot of electricity can be created from the power of moving water. The water is used to turn large generators.


klasdnlvklasdvnlksndvlkansldkvnlkasndvasdvadsGeothermal is an excellent way to produce electricity. When the earth center heats underground water, it produces high-pressure steam that is used to drive massive electric generators. For countries like the US with abundant geothermal energy, this is an excellent way to generate electricity.